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14-Sep-2017 17:37

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It is a real, honest movie with a brief but bright spark which is lost in too many movies of today.Its meaning is not deep or profound, and doesn't pretend to be as such.Our primary objective with the module is to encourage students to explore what positive sexuality means for them and others in a safe, supported environment.

No previous generation of Irish teenagers has had as much access to pornography as this one.

Along with psychologist Elaine Byrnes, a doctoral researcher whose work focuses on sexual behaviour and consent, I facilitate a six-week module in sexual health with Transition Year students.

It’s a role I would certainly never have predicted for myself, but it’s one of the most enjoyable things I do in my working week.

During the module, they learn about safe sex and why it’s important.

We bring in plastic penises to let them practise how to correctly use a condom.

It took her a minute or so to regain the power of speech, and when she did, she couldn’t recall the reason she called to the room in the first place.

I'm happy to report that women are in fact the ones who are chasing me! and that's just based on the one technique that you taught me. " “I am perhaps one of your oldest clients, and I'm back in the dating game after a divorce. It won't turn you into a super suave player overnight.… continue reading »

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