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15-Aug-2017 01:15

Artificial Intelligence To every online chat support we ask for help, it’s always the chatbots who greet as first.

This bots at first seems to make your problems even worse but as artificial intelligence and machine learning evolves through time, they also became much smarter. ” This are now the most frequently used terms when we speak with our smartphones.

Some great examples of such devices are smart light bulbs such as the Phillips Hue and door locks that needs your phone or fingerprint in order to be unlocked.

Apple has already incorporated the Internet of Things technology in their devices using the Home Kit app, and is very important to web developers to incorporate this technology into their future projects.5.

To even make the user’s experience a whole lot “flat-ish” and being sleek and modern just like these operating systems, almost all web developers incorporated flat designs into every website they create.

Having a flat design is very excellent in both aesthetic and site performance factors: having a cleaner and minimalistic design is very fast to load yet very pleasing to the eye.

The coming year 2018 will be all about immersive web experience.

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and voice control are now becoming the standards in human-machine interaction. Flat Design Flat design was first introduced by Apple Inc., in their i OS 7.

These virtual assistants are programs that converse like humans in writing. Chatbots can be faster and more accurate than people, and they’re always available.

This factor will even make flat design popular all throughout 2018.2.

Contemporary fonts and typography The perfect partner for a flat and minimalistic design is also a classy kind of font.

Creating Mobile Optimized Websites Smartphones and other mobile devices are more popular than ever before (and they are not going anywhere anytime soon), so optimizing your website for mobile isn’t just a trend or a side option, like it might have been in years past.

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Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are quickly becoming defunct within our fast-evolving digital landscape.Even social apps know you and your friend’s faces and tries to automatically tag you in photos. Its like we are having our own personal secretary with the use of these virtual assistants and can be interactive by only using your voice. Seamless Interactions Using your smartphone now and wants to copy something from your phone to your computer?