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27-Sep-2017 03:26

Now a day instant messaging is trending, as lots of people employ instant messaging service with many hidden smiley and emoticon code which works with the internet.

These are very effective and efficient which offer complete liberty of talking regardless of time, cost, contacts, groups etc.

after a short (2 second) pause, the robotic/garbled voice goes away for another 53 minutes.

other reporters of this issue have claimed that creating a new profile solves the problem.

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Skype For Business/Data/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft. Skype For Business.plist An example of how to modify the trusted Domain List follows: defaults write com.microsoft.This is not an ISP issue - he gets the same problem on multiple PCs in different countries, in fact he's even recently moved to a different continent and got a new internet connection... It seems somehow to be a problem with his Skype account, which is really quite odd. when using skype on other networks with other routers, i do not have the error. Call technical Info Check to see if you're seeing any errors or high cpu usage when you're on the call or if there's anything that really stands out.see: i have not tried creating a new profile, nor updating to the latest version of skype.

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the robo-voice problem appears to be a bug in either skype or router or modem firmware, and is definitely not a caused by poor bandwidth, OS bugs, or hardware failure.Someone I talk to on Skype a lot has a very persistent issue, where after a few minutes their voice goes very 'robotic'... We can restart the call and it's fine, but fairly consistently after a few minutes it returns. From experience, typically the issue is either an issue with bandwith (you can tell if the codec drops from anything other than the SILK_V3 codec) or high CPU usage that's caused this "robotic" voice issue.

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