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23-Nov-2017 06:30

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Take it as a bad sign and move on with the next girl.Filipina women are conservative, independent and strong, they don’t easily ask help especially from strangers.There are still a number of users who reportedly received money requests from the girls they come across at the site.One user received his first money request on his second day at Pinalove.The best way to deal with scammers is to ignore them.

However, this does not also mean that it is totally free from scammers.

This dating site wants to give you an enjoyable and convenient dating experience by making things as easy as possible.

When you are already logged in you can start browsing the page and search for your potential mate.

Due to this, a number of Filipina dating sites have come to life and one of them is Pinalove.

This site has over 500,000 members and is one of the best channels in finding and meeting Filipina wife due to its large pool of women members.Some others received tons of requests that they can’t bare it anymore and have to deactivate their account in the process.