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15-Dec-2017 21:29

_encoding=UTF8Reposting from another thread: Coming to ripoffs I was exposed to a ghastly revelation today when someone brought the Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix) - Sting/Cheb Mami to my attention. may be a slight resemblance in KKs singing and sting's singing style.

I swear I can see that song is the basis for the HJ's Kaaka Kaaka opener "Uyirin uyir E". Thamizh, the following parts are unmistakeably ripped off from Desert Rose.

The master, on the other hand, did the reverse -- slow paced original converted to fast paced imitation (also a very good one).

Having listened to countless inspirations/ lifts for itwofs, I believe there's a clear line between a coincidence and a inspiration/ lift.

Neram kooda edhiriagi vida yugangalaga veedum maari vida Pooh!

is kinda mix of Hindu and Muslim religious tune, but it completes the task of usual Rajini's morale booster. U-Turn was released in 1997 but Ennio Morricone has been in the Hollywood market for more than 40 years so I am not sure who inspired whom.I will comment more after I buy the CD this Saturday and listen fully.I only heard the one minute sample on the Internet. Nagarum neruppai kozhundhu vitterindh En a Naindha pinbum kanalin mel erindh En ....... Innisai - Godfather has a bit from Arunachalam's Nagumo. couldn't recollect the name I think it is - "Back To the Rivers" (Not sure) The initial BGM reminded me the initial scores of ARR in KAADHAL DESAM.

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listen Innisai - Godfather from to its the same with Arunachalam - Nagumo from to no wonder taht part sounded awefully familar :lol:guys...

Innisai - Godfather has a bit from Arunachalam's Nagumo.