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24-Dec-2017 02:41

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They are distinguished solely by their hair color: Zipi is blond, Zape black-haired.Other featured characters are their father, Don Pantuflo Zapatilla, a professor of Philately and Colombophilia (pantuflo/a and zapatilla are both Spanish names for slippers); their mother, the hard-pressed Doña Jaimita; Don Minervo, their strict teacher; Peloto, the teacher’s pet (and thus the twins’ enemy); Sapientín (sometimes called "Pitagorin", as a reference to Pithagoras), their genius cousin and Pepe and Felisa Plómez, the extremely annoying friends of their parents, whose undesirable visits they try to avoid or cut short.

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They are humorous, based on the twins antics and their effects, since often they backfire spectacularly, including popular culture elements like aliens and mad scientists.They form the Marble Gang, the children's Resistance, in order to defy the evil headmaster.

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