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Perfect for your pizza bases, loaves or grissini pictured today. a black pizza base with the white of buffalo mozzarella and roasted cherry tomatoes or perhaps open sandwiches of crab, mayo and micro greens on a slice of black sour dough.

The grissini are fun as part of dressing your table and pair well with seafood pasta, antipasto, tapas, or just to nibble with drinks.

Five sachets of squid ink were needed to get a true black in a standard dozen chocolate cupcake batter. Roll a piece of fondant into a squid arm shape, then roll small balls of fondant.

There is no "golden brown"with the squid colour so rely on tapping/listening for a hollow sound if you're not sure your bread is done.

Squid ink is also great to use in your homemade pasta dough using the the same proportions as above, 5 sachets to 3 cups of flour. any questions pop over to facebook for a faster reply.

Most of the prepackaged squid ink, such as the Spanish Cebesa brand I used have added salt so you will need to allow for that and reduce the salt in your recipes.

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Baking squid ink cupcakes; technically you can do it, but do you want to?

Using the end of a small paint brush press the balls in pairs along the squid arm to form tentacles, dampen the base of the balls with water if need be. Leave the arm/s to dry before adding markings with a food marker and colour as desired with food paint and dusts.