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If the child weighs at least sixty pounds or is between six and fifteen years old, the child must wear a seat belt. A: There are certain legal specifications in tinting your vehicle’s windows in accordance with state statutes.The front driver’s side window and front passenger window tint must be at least 25% net light transmission or higher.Most Body Attachments (but not all) will have language indicating that the person can be released from custody if a prescribed cash amount is paid to secure his release.This amount may or may not equal the total of delinquent child support payments.Q: What are the safety requirements for children in vehicles?

You may place a strip of tinting material on the windshield but it may extend only five inches down from the top.You may mail the payment to the District Court Clerk at P. Be sure to list your ticket number or return your copy with payment. operates a road condition hotline at 1-800-245-1672.