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12-Jul-2017 18:44

While you are laying on your back and your man is in you, he's on his knees then proceeds to flap his arms and howl like a camel," says sex and dating expert Ingrid Levin.9.The Ballcuzi"While you have pop rocks in your mouth, you are giving your man a blowjob all while the pop rocks are exploding with the funniest noises.Want to learn the best three ways to cheat on your partner ... Here are three ways to inject that spontaneity and surprise into a committed relationship, recreating those exciting feelings with someone you trust, without the deep hurt and betrayal that you risk with a real affair.1. It sounds counterintuitive, but be spontaneous by planning a sex date. The thrill, the illicitness, the unknown of a lover and the secret meeting that comes with a clandestine affair, all make for a hot indiscretion.Take turns picking out that "something new" every week.

With the right partner, we should always be having a good time, not taking ourselves too seriously, and enjoying each other and the moments we are sharing."How can a girl keep herself from laughing in this position?As biological anthropologist Helen Fisher previously told Business Insider, "The day will come when that person who's been camping in your head is out.And you wake up in the morning and you realize that yesterday you never thought about them at all." In fact, research suggests that we tend to overestimate how long it will take us to feel better after a breakup.Sometimes stirring things up and having an affair with your partner means sneaking around and sometimes it means trying something new.

Sometimes it means showing up at the door in a coat and a wig and "pretending" that you don't know each other.Maybe, if you're lucky, after your hot affair night, you will both get to take off your trench coats and stay home.