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“This way,” said Fukushima, pulling off his gas mask and running down the corridor. Fukushima made a flying leap and spun in midair to knock the soldier down. “Hurry, my friend,” said Fukushima, forcing open the door at the end of the hall with a pry bar. “And now we must find the weapon system plans of Dr. “I will,” said Yori, fanning away the smoke as she jumped toward Fukushima.

Sumo Ninja pulled off his and followed, running like thunder. Fu.” “Not while I stand guard,” said a young woman’s clear voice. Yori stepped out of the shadows, holding her slashing fan, her lithe body dressed in black, her dark eyes narrowed with determination and purpose. “The light always has the power to illuminate the darkness,” Yori replied. They dodged each other’s kicks and blows with consummate skill.

Quickly he climbed up, broke the rest of the glass, and slipped inside. He couldn’t quite squeeze through the window, though, so he tried a few well-placed chops and kicks, then pulled out chunks of concrete.

“Cheap Chinese concrete,” he said in a voice that rumbled and squawked. He bent the barrel with his hands over his knee until it kinked. Two other soldiers came down the hall behind Sumo Ninja, who threw a smoke capsule over his shoulder, then spun around, picked up the first soldier and threw him at the second one.

It exploded on impact with the ground, spreading a thick chemical fog over the area.

Donning gas masks, Fukushima and Sumo Ninja scrambled over the fence and ran through the fog to the wall of the building.

Fukushima, the smaller ninja, gestured to his companion, the huge Sumo Ninja, who hurled a globe the size of a soccer ball far over the fence.“That would be true if you plan to surrender,” said Yori. Suddenly Yori’s wrists were no longer pinned by his hands, and her sharp fingers jabbed hard at the huge man’s chest, making him exhale a sudden whoooo!She folded up, kicked at his stomach, and managed to squirm out from under both Sumo Ninja and most of the fishing net before Fukushima rejoined the fight. “I’m so delighted that you can come.” “Okay,” said Kim. ” Felix in his cyber-robotic wheelchair was rolling and hovering around Kim’s small jet, checking various systems with his chair’s segmented tentacles.Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Felix Renton, Monique, Wade, Yori, Hirotaka, Fukushima, Sumo Ninja, and Nakasumi are characters from the Kim Possible show, created by Mark Mc Corkle and Bob Schooley, owned and copyright © by the Walt Disney Company.

The story takes place while Kim and Ron are going to college, a couple of years after “So the Drama,” and shortly after my earlier story, “Valley of the Monkeys.” This story © 2005 by cloudmonet.I used to think this was cheating, but we’re planning our lives as a team, and learning stuff together toward this goal. I want to see your rough draft before I show you mine.” “Not to worry,” said Ron. And worse, he’s speaking Belinda-ese— karma, consciousness, reincarnation, enlightenment.

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