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contestant Kacie Boguskie, who married music executive Rusty Gaston on Sunday, May 11. The couple exchanged gifts before heading down the aisle, with the reality star receiving a Tiffany's infinity bracelet and the groom accepting a Burberry watch.

PHOTOS: Bachelor stars' scandalous pasts The couple married across the street from their house in Nashville, Tenn. After the ceremony the bridal party and guests danced the night away to a Motown band.

"We randomly met while we were both out to dinner with friends at the same restaurant.

We were both sitting at the bar with each of our friends and started talking.

There will be very little “nap when the baby naps” this time around.

But, I think the biggest question in both Rusty and I’s minds is “how will Ranger react to not being the only one who gets our attention anymore”? We are trying to expose him to as many babies as we can and soon enough he will have a baby to carry around himself! Thomas Midtown here in Nashville they have a Brothers and Sister to-be class (more info here).

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We are now wondering what will life be like with a toddler running around and a newborn at home?They decided to sit down after each new episode for a few seasons, sometimes with a funny friend, to recap, analyze, and predict every single ridiculous thing that happened in Bachelor Nation. Welcome to a new world order, where men can watch The Bachelor proudly and without fear of shame or ridicule!They no longer do this podcast because they began to respect their free time a little too much to always watch the show. It’s an enthusiast podcast by Griffin and Rachel Mc Elroy in which they discuss Very Good Things, and the Things that Make Them Good. Matt Barnes and Jeff Bachman (Nerdy Pop) are two dudes who have long been fans of The Bachelor and refuse to hide it any longer! During the ceremony, both Boguskie and Gaston cried tears of joy.

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The couple's first dance was sung by one of Gaston's writers. PHOTOS: Juan Pablo's bachelorettes "Rusty and I met in December of 2012," the reality star told Us Weekly of her husband.

We are so excited to share with everyone that our family is growing!!!!