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Viewed from near at hand a mountain may seem to tower above the surrounding country, but from a distance it will be seen not to rise much above the general uniformity of elevation.There are no gigantic dominant masses obviously due to special terrestrial disturbance.The coast-line is estimated at 2300 m., the arms of the sea being so numerous and in several cases penetrating so far inland that few places are beyond 40 m. The Highland hills differ from a mountain chain such as the Alps not merely in their inferior elevation but in configuration and structure.

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It is remarkable how the average level of the summits is maintained.The difference of the general level on the two sides of the water-parting is reflected in the length of their streams.On the west the drainage empties itself into the Atlantic after flowing only a very few miles, on the east it has to run 30 or 40 m. Throughout the north-western region uniformity of features characterizes the scenery, betokening even at a distance the general monotony of structure.Where it is hard and jointed, weathering into large quadrangular blocks, the hills are more especially distinguished for the gnarled bossy character of their declivities, as may be seen in Ben Ledi and the heights to the north-east of it.

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Where, on the other hand, the rock decays with smaller debris, the hills assume smoother contours, as in the slate hills running from the Kyles of Bute to Loch Lomond.

In the north-western section the highest ground is found along the Atlantic coast, mounting steeply from the sea to an average height of 2000 to 3000 ft.