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The matchmakers, who included Greg and Natalie Replogle, Darcy Holsopple and Scott and Dana Devlin, explained why Nicole should date their pick and then it was the "match's" turn.

One sang to her, one read a poem and others gave a heartfelt plea to pick him.

Little did she know her pastor and a few other members of the church had their own "disruption" waiting for Nicole that morning."I was a little suspicious when I drove in and there was a big tour bus in the parking lot of the church," Nicole said. After the third service of the day finished, the congregation was invited to stay for a special event."It wasn't until I was on stage with her that it all started to make sense," Nicole said."Her" was Grammy and Dove award-winning vocalist Natalie Grant."She's one of the greatest artists in Christian music," Nicole said. Just to worship with her on stage was just incredible."Grant took to the stage and worshiped with the congregation, singing "His Great Name."And then there was one more surprise.

The church was going to be in an episode of a new TV series about Christian matchmaking on the Game Show Network, titled "It Takes a Church," hosted by Grant.

Intrigued, Brown made contact to see what the show would entail. "Brown interviewed Frey and Frey interviewed him for about 40 minutes.

He ended up talking to Michelle Frey with "It Takes a Church.""The questions I asked from the beginning," he said, "were: Is it Christian based? "A few weeks later she contacted us back and wanted to do another interview," he said.

The next day, Nicole got to spend one-on-one time with the three at an activity and made one more cut.

It was at that point that Nicole got to go out on a date with the two remaining men and get to know them a little better before making her final decision — all within a week."The first two guys I didn't get to spend much time with," she said.

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And the cut was made not by Nicole but by the church.Egyptian chronology can be a challenging subject for biblical creationists.