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Teachers had little opportunity to pre- pare themselves for school-work.School- terms lasted four or five months and sal- aries ranged from to S20 per month.These spelling-bees created a spirit of emulation between the pupils of neighboring 'schools, as the con- tests were generally between the pupils of two schools. Many boys and girls from twelve to sixteen years of age were experts in spelling, and my opinion is that there were better spellers then than now.The consensus of opinion of our principal educators at present is, that spelling and arithmetic are two branches that are neglected in our" schools. He lost his hands in a stone-quarry by a premature explosion.He taught school a number of terms in Penn town- ship, York county, and some six years ago located in Lancaster county. THREESCORE YEARS OF PUBLIC-SCHOOL WORK During the many years that I was a resident of Adams' county, I never was absent from any of the successive teach- ers' meetings.In 1906 he announced himself as a candidate for recorder of deeds, was nominated and elected. My professional employment has been almost continuous for -fifty-nine years. 'Since 1870 I have been a resident of Hanover, and during my first term taught the grammar-school there.These ex- aminations were conducted in the pres- ence of the boards of directors.Directors demanded a more rigid examination in arithmetic than in any other branch. From 1845 to J&So spelling-bees were in great demand.

In schools then any violation of rules was punished either by rod or ruler.

In addition to the regular school-terms taught by me, I was principal of twenty- two local normal sessions of twelve weeks each.

The object of these normal schools was to prepare students, male and female, for teaching, of whom at least 125 took up the profession. In my first few years of teaching there was some opposition to me, nominally on account of my youth, but really because of my determined efforts in urging the necessity of better schools, better teachers and a change of textbooks.

In using the rod those masters simply followed the custom in vogue at the time they were pupils. At a little over fifteen years of age I succeeded my teacher and secured the position, mainly through his influence, at a salary of per month.

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So far as known only five of these are living, of whom I am the only one still teaching. Many teachers of the county had begun to feel confidence in them- selves.

■'■ ;-c mail A POPULAR MAGAZINE OF ;ne 20, 1907— By RUSSEL C. The first teachers' institute was held at Gettysburg in 1854; it was attended by thirty-rive teachers, including myself. The subjects for discis- sion were promptly taken up and ably handled.