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1990), so that the nature and composition of the TCB are still controversial.Apart from less conventional hypotheses involving near critical fissionable material (Zigel' 1959, Hunt et al. 1965), tiny black holes (Jackson and Ryan 1973) or alien spacecrafts (Kazantsev 1946, Baxter and Atkins 1976), the two most plausible explanations consider the explosion in the atmosphere at an altitude of 5-10 km of a comet (see, e.The part of it immediately surrounding the branch on the outer bark of the tree, solidifies and becomes gradually included from outside, by the growing wood.So, the fresh resin can act like a trap for airborne microparticles and part of them, embedded in the tree-resin, can eventually be found in the resin layer along the limit between the growth rings and the withered branch.This makes it possible to conclude that the presence of Fe, Ca, Al, Si, Au, Cu, S, Zn, Cr, Ba, Ti, Ni, C and O in the particles observed is related to the Tunguska event and that these elements are probable constituents of the Tunguska Cosmic Body.This result is compatible with recent calculations showing that the Tunguska body can be a normal density stony asteroid. But he finds out that the kitchen isn't the place for an easy career.And in restaurant "Claude Monet" this job looks even harder and much more complicated than just cooking.

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The resin produced inside the sapwood is partially emitted year by year to the exterior, in a fluid state, during the most active vegetation period.

With a scanning electron microscope, a total of 7163 particles were found in resin-samples from Tunguska branches and from two control trees.

The time distributions of the particles in the years 1885-1930 show clear abundance peaks centred on 1908.

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Great actors, good sense of humor, different from most American comedy series that we're all used to watch.The leading hypothesis of the method is that in the forest conifers which have survived the Tunguska catastrophe, the fluid resin present at the moment of the event could have acted as a trap for airborne particles, as happens in amber.

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