Dating site for introverts

23-Aug-2017 08:50

"But I would say that it's not usually 'the more the merrier' for us—it's usually 'the more, the more stressful.'" (The good news?

If you do have social anxiety, research shows that people probably like you more than you think.)Introverts may be more immune to different kinds of social stress—specifically, the pressure to make an appearance at every event they're invited to, or the "fear of missing out" (also known as FOMO).

And their unique personality ― which can include a desire for solitude and a more quiet demeanor ― affects everything from dating to work life to socializing with friends.

The more social media and our lives on the Internet become omnipresent in interaction, the greater stock scientists and psychologists put into researching how and why we use social media and what it can tell about us in the real world.

As a dating site, it doesn’t get many thumbs-up likes.

She’s found it isn’t much of a meet-and-greet kind of place. It’s mostly people they already know.” Source: Sheldon P.

In turn, they receive less relationship benefits from the site, such as maintenance and new interactions.

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“I look at how people maintain their relationships on Facebook and the quality of those relationships when they are compared to the quality of their relationships face-to-face.Posting pictures gives them more control over how they are being presented.” Extroverts are also more likely to air their dirty laundry on Facebook more than shy people, which can be dangerous when it comes to romantic relationships.