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That caught my attention enough to come back for a more formal investigation.When I reviewed the barn door tape towards the end of the recording were some strange, unidentifiable metallic sounds followed by a clear, funny- sounding voice saying, "Get down".E-mail Dead Ohio at The whole melon head story was interesting to me because growing up here in CT, my father would often scare my sister and I with a story about the melon heads. However, I find it odd that you mentioned a similar tale being told in a different part of the country. There is a mausoleum at the corner of the cemetery by the road [nearest the tennis courts]. As a kid, I was told by many people that the mausoleum was haunted. If you look inside the glass door, there is a chair chained to the wall.

Along with that, some fun pictures of both the inside of the house and barn along with seeing what looked like a "shadow" dog one evening.

Many people say its a nasty place to be at nighttime but I used to go up there all the time by myself at 1 or 2 AM to time and chrono my paintball guns.