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10-Dec-2017 11:56

For this reason, e Harmony recommends declaring certain political issues off-limits.If a topic gets too heated, it's best to just not discuss it.There are examples of successful cross-political relationships everywhere, and if they can make it work, so can you.Emily Post and my southern ancestors say that you should never discuss religion, politics, or money in polite company. And like for many people these days, especially the 20- and 30- something generation that came of age in a post-9/11, Obama-as-president era, politics interest me to no end.As more people broadcast their political views, it's a lot easier to identify like-minded friends.Romantically, research shows people tend to choose partners with shared political views, and rate profiles that boast political similarities as more attractive.Current events can hit close to home for a number of reasons, and everyone has at least one issue that flips an emotional switch.

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You are allowed to be picky with what you want in a significant other. Well, I can tell you exactly what I'm doing tonight because I've had it planned for three weeks and sadly, you are not part of those activities. I don't have a ton of time, so when I do finally have time, I basically want to go on a mini vacation where we do the most incredibly things in the whole city in one day somehow because I have to fit seven days of fun into one afternoon. You'll never stress over planning cool dates ever again. When your schedule is booked back to back-to-back every day, you get used to showing up on time so you're not late to the next thing. Because Saturday is "get shit done" day, and I'm too exhausted to get ready for a big date Saturday night. It will be the only time I've been able to see you all week, which is good because... Your dates with her will always be seriously next level.If politics play a huge role in your life, by all means, find the person who shares your values more closely.

Being upfront about deal-breaker issues is the best way to avoid hurt feelings. If you're more fluent in your political beliefs, then maybe someone who's different from you will create the dynamic relationship you're looking for.Not everyone will budge on an issue, and some may prioritize a particular view as a relationship deal breaker.