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The tenants gratefully accepted this decision and now if tho tenant wants to take water from the canal, he gets it after paying for it. t used to be the practice in the Sathi and some other factories of the Bettiah sub-division to get indigo grown without any written agreement.

In 1907-08 the tenants of Sathi factory stopped growing indigo.

The Survey Officers made in- quiries and found that this yearly irrigation tax had been realized even from those tenants who had never derived any benefit from the canal.

After a sifting 1907 - 1909 33 inquiry the truth came out and these agreements were cancelled and this tax came to be regarded as an illegal exaction and was stopped.

A big fair is held at Bettiah at the time of Bijaya Dashami. The tenants converted this fair into an instrument to propagate their ideas.

Shaikh Gulab and one Sitalrai, who was an inhabitant of a village near Parsa began to persuade the tenants not to grow indigo.

It is alleged that they also attacked the manager of the factory.

News of the disturbance was immediately sent to the Government. On the 26th October Sitalrai and a wealthy Marwadi, Radhumal, were arrested.

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Signs of discontent among the tenants of this factory became visible in September 1908.

for good behaviour and many were made special con- stables.

A memorial that was submitted to the Lieut.-Governor evoked no satisfactory response.

3/- per bigha from the tenants for supplying water. The tenants never freely consented to pay this tax ; but the factory got them to execute agreements for it.

It is alleged that those tenants who refused to execute agreements were forced to do so.A special Registrar was depu- ted by the Government to register these agreements.