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31-Oct-2017 12:01

I can actually change the way people look at me".'Driven by a sense of insecurity after years of being teased for being 'short' and 'skinny', Danny was determined to reinvent himself - and sacrificed other aspects of his life along the way.He continued: 'Even when I went out for drinks, which was on the rare occasion, I would just sip water through the night or make it look like I was drinking alcohol.Danny said he understood why celebrities like David get caught up in pushing themselves to the limit as he became fixated on exercising as soon as he started.'I would say it pretty much became an addiction straight away,' he said.'I went into the gym and then I saw what it was about. And straight away I thought "This is what I have to do.US hospitals treat more than 100 children each day who are already addicted to opioids, an alarming new study has found.The report, from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), looked at the number of children taken to emergency departments in US hospitals annually who are addicted, and it found that in just five years the number jumped by nearly 17,000.So I was missing out on a massive part of my social life.' 'That was my mindset.

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'You are chasing the control of what someone else is thinking of you without attending to how you feel and think about yourself so it is going to be a dead end.Dr Veerajalandhar Allareddy, who worked on the study, said that - even though he was prepared for the worst - the results floored him.'We thought we'd find some (more) cases in children but we were taken aback by the magnitude,' he said.He went on to explain that the research does not even fully capture the scope of the problem.Speaking on This Morning today, Danny described how the workouts soon took over all areas of his life.

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It comes after pop star Craig David spoke publicly about his own battle with his image, admitting he took his regime 'too far' in his quest to transform his physique.They found that in 2008 about 85 children taken to the hospital each day were addicted to opioids, and that number spiked to 135 in 2013.