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We rate seven possible types of interactions, from the most positive (scoring 3) to the most negative (−3).

These can be applied at any level — among goals and targets, to individual policies or to actions (see ‘Worked example’).

Conversely, converting land use from agriculture to bioenergy production (goal 7) might counteract food security (goal 2) and poverty reduction (goal 1) but could be reversed.

Second, does the interaction go in both directions?

Many preconceptions that influence decisions are outdated or wrong, such as the belief that rising inequalities are necessary for economic growth, or that mitigating climate change is bad for productivity growth in the long term.

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Securing food from fisheries is also reinforced by protecting the climate, because that limits ocean warming and acidification.

This should help policymakers and researchers to identify and test development pathways that minimize negative interactions and enhance positive ones.

And it is globally applicable so that countries can compare and contrast, and learn from each other and over time.

And they need up-to-date empirical knowledge on how the goals and interventions of one sector affect another positively or negatively.

As a first step, we propose a seven-point scale of SDG interactions (see ‘Goals scoring’) to organize evidence and support decision-making about national priorities.

The importance of such interactions is built into the SDGs: 'policy coherence' is one of the targets.